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Bi Optic, Inc is now your Authorized Olympus microscope Service Center.

Bi Optic Inc is located in our new offices at:

3004 Lawrence Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95051

You can still reach us by:

Phone (408) 736-2116
Fax(408) 736-9627
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Bi-Optic was founded on the principle of offering excellent re-conditioned used equipment at a fair price. Each of our service technisions have more than 18 years of experiance, we have been offering our customers an alternative to the high price of new equipment or the "as is, where is" conditions of used equipment auctions.

Bi-Optic specializes in the sale, repair and integration of optical microscopes and non-contact measuring equipment. Our experience as a Leica repair center and our Olympus factory training means that we can offer re-conditioned scopes in excellent working order. Bi-Optic's knowledgeable staff is willing to help, from the simplest questions ("How do I center my lamp?") to the more challenging ones ("How can I get my optical measuring microscope converted over to an automated inspection system and integrated with our QA process?").

You can't find the right solution if you don't understand the problem.

At Bi-Optic we make every attempt to find complete solutions to our customers' problems. This means that we are willing to spend the time to understand their needs rather than just selling whatever we happen to have at the time. Used equipment inventory changes often, but we make a strong effort to carry an extensive inventory of new and used microscopes and parts to better serve our customers. We sell to home-based business, universities, dealers, start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Ask a Bi-Optic employee about what we can do for your company.

Bi-Optic's service manager Paul Means has been factory trained in microscope repair and field service. He has taken extensive courses in optical design and engineering including a course from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also an avid collector of antique microscopes and enjoys working with all types of optical equipment.

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