Bi-Optic Microscopes: Sales, Service, and Repair

Microscope Lamps

Bi-Optic, Inc. repairs most types of microscopes; sometimes all that is required is a simple lamp replacement. We have lamps for the most common microscopes. They are listed below.

 Part Number  Voltage , Watts  Scope brand  scope type
 64250  6v 20w  Nikon,Olympus  20w lamp house
 64610  12v 50w  Leitz, Nikon, Olympus  50w lamp house
 64625  12v 100w  Leitz, Nikon, Olympus  100w lamp house
 64425  12v 20w  B&L, Leitz  Co-axial Illuminator
 1460x  6v 20w  B&L, Leitz  Nicholas Illuminator
 8-C103  6v20w  Olympus  Round lamp house