Bi-Optic Microscopes: Sales, Service, and Repair

Bi-Optic, Inc. is not a "lick and stick" microscope company. We are proud of our reputation as a company that will go above and beyond. In cases where we do not have a part, we refer people to other companies that might have it. Finding solutions for the customer is what is important to us.

Bi-Optic, Inc. provides full in-depth preventive maintenance for our customers equipment, as well as minor repairs in the field. Bi-Optic,Inc. is well known for its field service personnel and stands behind its reputation.

We also sell used microscopes to fit your needs and budget. Although inventory does change, we often have B&L, Olympus, Nikon, Leitz and Wild scopes in stock. Replacement parts for your scope and lamps are available through us. Below is a description of what we do for most preventive maintenance services. You will also find a description of our hourly rate and business hours.

Standard Preventive Maintenance


At the completion of each service the customer is given a service report containing the scope brand and type, ID #, notations of repair work done or needed, price for parts, PM and repair. Often the service rep. will go over the service report with the customer to explain the work performed and answer any questions that may come up.

Replacement Parts

When replacement parts are necessary, they will be installed at the time of service. Replacement parts which are not a stock item in our inventory, will be ordered and replaced at the earliest opportunity. Unless otherwise stipulated and agreed to, all parts are charged as an additional expense.

Emergency Service

Bi-Optic, Inc. will provide emergency service within 24 hours of notification, during normal business hours, for instrument failure. Bi-Optic, Inc. has a minimum service charge of two hours.


Bi-Optic, Inc. warrants its labor and parts to be free of defects under normal usage conditions, for 45 days from the date of service.

A. Remedy for Defects: Remedial work provided at no charge subject to conditions stated in subparagraph "D" below.

B. Warranty Calls: Calls on warranty work should be made to:
(408) 736-2116.

C. Electrical components: excluded from coverage.

D. Customer Responsibility: It is the customer's responsibility to assure there is no misuse, neglect, droppage, malicious mischief, intentional damage, or service by anyone other than by Bi-Optic's employees or our agents to any instrument serviced under this agreement. Any damage for reasons above stated will cause this warranty to become void.

E. Exceptions to Coverage: Bi-Optic, Inc. will assume no responsibility for instruments with special modifications (mechanical stages, illuminations, head assemblies, etc.) which were not produced by the manufacturer of the instrument and are not subject to this warranty.

Severely Damaged Instruments

At the customer's request, Bi-Optic, Inc. will attempt repair of severely damaged instruments. In the event repair is not possible, our liability shall be limited to restoring the instrument to the condition in which it was received.

Special Modifications Liability

At the customer's request, Bi-Optic, Inc. will provide service on instruments with specially-modified components, but assumes no responsibility for the repair or adjustment of any specially-modified components (stages, illuminators, head assemblies, etc.) on any instrument.

Hours and rates

Bi-Optic, Inc. is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday

Standard rate for repair to microscopes, not including parts.

$ 95.00 per hour Shop rate

$125.00 On site service rate

The minimum labor charge for field service is two hours. The hourly rate for in-shop repair is the same, except there is no two hour minimum.